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Friday, April 20, 2018


Summer is the time to relax, family outing and family bonding. beaches  are some of the reasons that bring a lot of people to the summer destinations like Hundred Islands its fun for the family summer and barkada getaway.
Every holy week and its long weekend ,we need  a break from work ,we escape the  urban life ,we spend the sunny days to  travel and spend a vacation with our love ones in our hometown. since  Hundred Island is quitely near to our hometown. a month before the holy week, my sister and i planned to push through our vacation,  this is the first time for husband, brother in-laws and my sister family to go island hopping in Hundred  Islands so everyone is excited.

before we embark we instructed the wear life vest for our safety , at may mga coastguard na mga nakabantay .

its a good idea to travel in sea during  the dry season can help us to avoid some of those tropical rainstorms. Considering the safety since we have kids to travel with us. we rent a boat for island hopping .the owner was generous to us  we booked for 10-15 persons in the amount of Php2000 pesos only aside from that  the capacity of boat na ginamit namin was  20-25  kasi ni referred sya ng ninang ng anak ko. thanks kuya Rey and Adelfa!!!

we stay at Children Island, visitors may rent gazebos , picnic table under the tree , table on the pavilion  but during that time gazebos are  fully occupied , so we  rent table at the pavilion para sa mga gamit at  foods everything luto na aside from Sungayan Fish na inihaw ng mga brother in-laws ko sa island and  talangka na binili don mismo free na paluto yung nga lang steam lang. sarap naman. souviner items are also available for the pasalubong sa island.

after our lunch i stayed at pavillion  enjoy the easy breeze where the sea touches the land with the view of hundred islets breath salty but fresh air. from the pavillion i keep watching my son and my husband they both enjoy the water mababaw lang kasi, children Island nga naman di ba? some tourist are doing water activities such as kayaking.

took some photos and explored the beach on the other side the Christ the Savior Pilgrimage Island reach the hilltop picture-perfect.

During that time Governor’s Island is a fully occupied so hindi na kami bumaba don, There are 6 major attractions as of now they are developed for tourists to enjoy namely Governors Island, Marcos Island, Quezon Island  and  Children’s Island sorry i forgot the two. we only passby nalang sa mga isla we need to go back to Bolinao.

I adored the magical moments that can be found in Hundred Islands , It hold a special place in my heart with my family. islets are so unique and beautiful. God creations are really wonderful.

til next travel !!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

My DYNE @4 JARDIN Garden Club

Jardin Garden Club  located at ground floor of Holiday Inn Express Manila Newport City formerly Remington Hotel The hotel is part of Resorts World Manila. As an "express" hotel, their focus is on offering limited services and a reasonable price. 

Our Dyne was 4 years old last March 22, we celebrated he’s birthday with simple late afternoon lunch at Club Jardin though ang original plan was to celebrate he’s birthday in school with he’s classmate at daycare , but he's teacher informed me the last day of theirs classes will be March 19 so were not able to push through the said party we might do parties in the future.beside were getting so busy since we are going to province for the holy week , planning to go to 100 island in Pangasinan that time. and It takes a load of time to prepare such a party Instead of I rather make simple for 3 of us.

We unwind at the lounge,,,the ambience was pretty chill it was windy afternoon grabe tayo tayo mga buhok namin,  I ordered halo halo served in buco shell while waiting for our main course such as Pansit sotanghong , Kare Kare, Porkchop, actuallly this place turn into a bar during night time,  the taste of the  foods at Jardin is just good enough for the affordable price. their staffs are courteous . yun nga lang dont expect na parang sa fine hotel ang foods, i was good try since first time namin kumain dito ok na rin. Complementary chocolate cake  from Marroit Hotel was so yummy and moist , Marriot was also located at Resort World.

Birthday cake is always the center of attraction in a birthday party or in simple birthday treat , the children will definitely love it as well as sa tulad kung mahilig sa cake.

inabot kami nang gabi sa Jardin Garden Club na di namin namamalayan ang oras , and we still  have energy to go back to Marriot Hotel to listen acoustic music at the lobby and that time they have promo for Earth Hour i already posted in my other blog.

To our Son we are beyond lucky to have you in our life we want to be beside you to share all your challenges and celebrate all your successes. Wishing you all the Best in Life and Good Health Anak Happy Happy Birthday !!!

Sunday, April 8, 2018

SOI Thai Restaurant

I meet up with my friends in Glorietta Makati we had dine at  SOI  Thai restaurant the place was artful decors but  little tight. Mirrors on the walls add light and beauty to the place. Its my first time to dine in this restaurant. we just  can walk in without reservations.

We ordered Tom Yam , Fresh spring roll, Chicken in green curry, Padthai, Sukothai, Pad Kee Mao and Thai Ice Tea, Lychee Shake and Pitcher of lemon grass. Since its a Thai Resto expect spicy foods from their menu parang lahat ng pagkain nila spicy I tried Pad Kee Mao and Tom Yam yung iba di na, kasi I saw my husband melted he’s face on some of the hot dish so I don’t even bother to tried mahina ang naturaliza ko sa anghang. SOI  offered affordable price on their rice topping but Grace chose to ordered on a set menu.


Ok naman ang foods and the ambience ,but for drinks we followed-up several times we were almost finished eating nong dumating and drinks, I asked to add syrup on my drinks ksi medyo matabang yung lychee shake. thanks Grace for the treat, it is a good idea that i tried new foods , always something fun to try new flavors and dishes from other cultures lalo na sa tulad nating Asian Country.

til next food trip and keep in mind  that authentic Thai food is spicy!