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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

40 Things I want to do

Now that I am 40 ,,,i asked myself,,  Where did the last 40 years go? What had I done and what had I accomplished? meron naman kahit papano,, Life begins at 40 it's more like it's starting a new chapter so I create my,,,

40 Things I want to do in my 40 onwards

1. Throw myself my own 40th birthday party.  horayyy parteh parteh !!!

2. Strengthen my faith to the LORD specially in difficult time

3. work, live and enjoy remind myself is not all about paycheck

4. Start work out program I badly need this

5. More staycation with my family and friends

6. Go somewhere international that I’ve never been.

7. Go to Europe kahit isang bansa lang basta Europe finger crossed

8. Go on a cruise

9. Visit 81 provinces of the Philippines before I expired

10. Go back to  Sagada with my son

11. Take a trip more often with my husband and my unico hijo

12. Take a trip with my friends without kids.

13. Host a party in our ancestral house in Santiago Island with my sisters with our family

14. Make donation to charity sa bahay ampunan

15. volunteer in charity works

16. Feed my soul what inspire me

17. Buy a condo hahaha charot lang malay natin manalo sa lotto kaso di ako tumataya!!!

18. Drinks tons of water as of now I only drink 2 glasses of water a day I am more on coffee

19. Plan for my retirement

20. Fully paid my VUL Sunlife of Canada insurance it is necessity

21. Fully paid and wait for my money back for St Peter Life Plan everyone going to die that’s the reality

22. Stop buying unnecessary things

23. Print photos and create beautiful photo albums to remember and reminisce my life.

24. Hang with my family more specially with my son

25. Do whatever i want to do always, not what people want me to do.

26. Get dressed up more often

27. Spend more time with my son

28. Make new friends

29. Get massage every 2weeks

30. Grow something edible

31. Take art class and ice skating with my son

32. learn to Stop complaining avoid negative people

33. Practice stress control

34. Stop worrying so much about everything

35. I want to drive car get use my driver licensed

36. Impossible to please everyone , focus on my self

37. Upgrade my blog and I want to have a vlogg

38. I want to learn how to edit video babaw ko no?

39. Get tattoo oh no the pain malabo to

40. Go surfing even I have vertigo

think about life, dreams and goals  in your midlife...

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Monday, September 18, 2017


Our Davao weekend Escapade, 3 days is not enough to experience the attractions and activities. Davao City has many activities  to offer so I suggest 5 days  much better to explore the place.

Like us we included Samal Island on our itinerary since we are in Davao , most travelers often make it a point to visit Samal Island to maximize their vacation in Davao.

Being an employee with limited leaves and have toddler to travel is sucks, but for me and my husband we always make things possible for our passion to travel even for limited time.

From the Airport we took taxi Going to Sasa Wharf or local called it “onse”, ride Barge going to Samal Island . We spent overnight at Samal Island.

And after Samal Island , we go to recreational activities at Eden Nature Park and stay there until 3pm on our second day. After Eden we go back to City we stay at RED Planet Hotel.

Last halfday in Davao we reserved for City Tour and Pasalubong shopping. we try fresh delicious durian instead of bring it in the hotel , we ate durian as much as we can at Bangkerohan Public Market. guest are not allowed to bring durian inside the hotel.

I was Surprise of the high prices of mangosteen Php 500.00 per kilo, durian 100.00per kilo, Pomelo 600 per box 9 pcs.

before flying back to Manila on the next day .on our last night we decided to have dinner at  Jack Ridges and drop by at People’s Park it is open to the public for free lots of security in the entrance of the park.

Jack Ridges one popular destination when it comes to dining and recreation. great place to dine with family and friends, their in-house singers serenade you while you are eating , I love the panoramic view of the city light its so relaxing while we are having dinner , during the night it’s a great spot to chill similar to Antipolo.

Davao is safe to travel  ,most discipline and progressive. The city was cleaner than Manila  and it felt safe to walk around people are very kind and accommodating. even some are hard to speak tagalog.

Unfortunately we skipped Philippine Eagle and Crocodile farm on this trip because we don’t had enough time may be next time . our trip was hectic.

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When you are in DAVAO make it a point to visit Samal Island and  take a side trip to this lovely Island,  from the Airport  it is just kilometers away to Sasa Wharf, it just around 15 minutes sea ride from Sasa wharf  and you will reach Samal. we didn't have an itinerary and we  just have only one day to stay and  visit Samal so we wouldn't be wasting any time.

The modes of transportation on the island are tricycles or trikes for those backpackers and budget travelers like us, Habal-habal is the most convenient.  We hired a Habal-habal to take us around the island as we look for a place to stay first we go to Costa Marina but i was fully booked so Kuya suggest us the Fernandez Resort but before going to Resort, we explore around the island with this habal habal kuya charges us for minimal fee.

As soon as we arrive at Fernandez Resort i considered one of the most affordable resort in Samal that you can spend for the backpacker like us. actually so much space to play around,,, playground for my son, cafeteria,,, lots of cottages  and swimming pool if you don't like to swim at beach,, because beach wasn't that nice and its low tide during our stay. for us that's fine because we did not intend to stay for long we just want to experience Samal we will go back to City on the next day.

Outside our resort there is a terminal of motorcycles so there's no problem getting around exploration Samal Island offers a wide array of activities. also from our resort quite near to the bus terminal of Island City.

if you are in Samal Island don’t forget to drop by at Ryan Special Native Bibingka, Ryan’s Bibingka is made from rice, fresh coconut meat, and coconut milk. All of the ingredients are natural. so delicious bibingka !!!one of their stall is just across the bus terminal of Island City Bus.

we tried V Farmers restaurant outside the resort walking distance or you can ride tricycle if you want. quality food and huge serving for affordable price.

There are so many places to go to in Samal,  we were not able to experience all due to lack time. We just stuck on one  area at PeƱaplata . may be next time !!!

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