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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

AMACENA Tagaytay

Amacena this new Reataurant to try in Tagaytay features Pinoy Comfort food but with a twist Executive Chief Luigi Muhlach and it is located inside One Tagaytay Place Hotel Suites. mapaka nice ambience at cozy  ng dining nila na amazed ako sa mga sangkalan sa table set up

here is beautiful water station for the guest in the entrance of  Amacena in happen also at the lobby of One Tagaytay Hotel apple and lemon flavor yan mga mars.

as we arrival at One Tagaytay Hotel we make a reservation agad at Amacena for a dinner to celebrate my birthday with my family.

they have their small function room for 8-10 person for private meeting at small gathering ang cute.

my two boys gave me flowers during the diner , so sweet,  isa pa pala mga mars tip mura lang daw flowers sa tagaytay. kaya kung may mga occasion kayo other option to Dangwa gora na sa Tagaytay for  flowers.

we try their Amacena Crispy Dinakdakan kasi pag sakay namin ang elevetor going to our room yun talaga most of the time natataymigan namin nag flaflash sa minitor. its good for 2-3 person  sulit for only 330.00 per order

i love their smokin bistek onion crisps and soy mansi gravy bet ko to . its only 220.00 per order good for 2 person

happy birthday to me

every family is beauty but this one is my favorite

with my unico
for 3 person considering toddler yung kasama namin di namin maubos yung food alam nyo yung tipong literal na pinapak namin yung ulam hahhaha

by the way sarap ng belgian choco eruption nila its baked belgian chocolate cake+Oozing chocolate lava. 165.00 per piece kala ko complementary , its NOT paysung ka syempre kahit birthday mo hahaha. atleast effort naman sila my name ko pa.

i like to say thanks  pala sa mga mababait staff ng Amacena na nag assist sa amin. i had a great birthday at Amacena intimate moment with my two boys.

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