Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Emerald Garden old and traditional Chinese Cuisine

I took advantage that we stay in Bayview Hotel which is very close the Emerald Garden, I am craving for Chinese Cuisine, aside from that i miss their Bola Bola Siopao, few years back in the office old women bringing and selling Bola Bola and Asado Siopao  from Emerald, right now i haven't seen this old woman.

ceramics and old utensils 

Menu written in English and Chinese
 my husband love to eat Chinese foods most of the time and he want to exage  the order to satisfy.

Camaron Rebosado

Emerald Yang Chow

My fave Bola bola

Fish fillet  with Tausi

beef with broccoli

Emerald Noodle 

satisfy my craving for chinese food

look at my son can't stop eating Camaron Rebosado

the family that love to eat together

they use to have this big dinning area, it is typical old Chinese resto with round table around 10-16 seaters, as many say need for renovation its not impressive at  all, but for me maybe that's the reason why they still alive for so many decades, even the building is really old , but what matter is the taste of the food. we dine at Emerald late lunch but to early for dinner, so less hassle,  were not on rush. we enjoyed the foods.

my two boys in front of Emerald Garden

hanggang sa muling baliktanaw sa nakaraan ng dewey boulevard

"Your Home by the Bay" In most affordable rate

two days before our staycation and its our daddy's birthday  , i scanned hotel in Manila with the promo rates, for the past two weeks here in  Metro and even Provinces experience heavy rain with flood in some areas so we cannot afford to have out of town because of the weather , so we decided to have our staycation here instead of having it outside metro,

after i scanned hotel i considered Bayview Hotel it is located  Roxas Boulevard fronting the U.S. Embassy with the full view of Manila Bay , near Museo Pambata ,Rizal Park, PICC, and the Manila Ocean Park easily from our place plus that they have a Rainy Day Promo.during our stay our friend tito Jun call us that he already booked us in Royal Tagaytay since he's a member. but i told him we are already check in Bayview Hotel ok na po kmi dito may be next time nalng po.

after we check in we bit hungry, a lot of restaurant nearby, as well as coffee shop so for those don't want to eat at the hotel.
i want to dine at one of the oldest and traditional  Chinese Cuisine in Manila the EMERALD which walking distance from the hotel.

back to the hotel i check the facilities and amenities, free wifi,  they have complementary bathroom toiletries ,coffee and tea, twin bed is just enough for us. my son enjoy the children activity center but I'm bit sad because we are not able to use the pool and the gym,  the hotel was simple compared to the all new build hotel in Metro, but i assure you that all what you need is here. for me this is ideal place to stay for our balikbayan and tourist who want to explore the center of Manila and its attraction.

i had also nice conversation with their Sales Assistant France about  Parties, Get-together and small group meeting Packages .

inside our room
my son enjoying the view of Manila bay and Ocean Park

children center inside the hotel

children center inside the hotel

the pool at roof deck

on the next day we have our buffet breakfast as we started our day , we are little bit restless and sleepless  so we need to recharge good thing i still have my appetite, because during night of our stay my son chilled with fever and we need rush him to the hospital. the front desk was so accommodating and to the hotel service driver who bring us in Manila Doctors thanks kuya. thanks God it is only viral the doctor discharge us.  i will make different blog on that.

buffett breakfast

over all we have pleasant stay in  BayView Park Hotel. enjoy amenities and most affordable rates. aside from the chilled and fever issue of my son.
for more info.
Bayview Park Hotel Manila
tel: 5261555

til the next staycation


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Monday, August 15, 2016

Paperclay Art Competition 2016

JOIN the PaperclayArt  competition 2016

The Theme Of Our Contest:

KALAHI: iba't ibang lipi, iisang lahi !. 

REGISTRATION: July 01- August 31, 2016
Deadline of Submission of Entries : September 30, 2016
Exhibit: October 1-14 2016
Grand Awarding Ceremony:  October 15, 2016
Venue : Manila Yacht Club
PO box 1085 Roxas Blvd., Manila

you can register  and get a your form at 

JNBM Paper Clay Art

Prizes for this year  KALAHI: iba't ibang lipi, iisang lahi !. Competition 

1st   Prizes               50,000.00
2nd  Prizes               25,000.00
3rd   Prizes              15.000.00

People's   Choice     11.000.00 (via online only)
Sponsor's Choice     30,000.00

register via online for only php 500.00 they will send you a Competition Kit and if your. Schools who want to register their student with minimum of 10 participants registration is only Php250.00 that you were going to use for competition and you may send your Entry to jnbmpaperclay Art and Air 21 branches for free saya di ba? 

this is what look likes the materials that they will going to send to you 5 big cups of paperclay  enough for your 24 x 36 canvas and the canvass that you will going to use in any distinctly Filipino materials  you will creating your own design.. .opps!!!its only 4 in my photo

The world exalts Filipinos for being a cheerful bunch. this PaperclayArt  competition seek to forward how tightly knit a tribe we are - how we find more solace in the company of others than alone. in the age of our ancestors, member of the family whether by blood or by bond were as harmoniously interlaced as the weaves on the Ifugao Tapis and as finely entwined as PiƱa lacing. Political outlooks and conflicting philosophies have divided us to the point of hostility, but we believe that these differences are meant to be celebrated. It's what make the Philippines as arresting archipelago - that people with such a diverse heritage, could live in balance. it's about time we come together as one people with  one love for our Motherland.

Being a lover of the country Philippines and protector of its culture and identity, the Manila Yacht Club, one of Asia oldest and most prestigious yacht clubs, would best serve its interest through a partnership with the Kalahi- Paperclay Art  competition hosted by JNBM its role in promoting awareness not only for the club but also for its main advocacy,which is to promote nationalism among people of all classes, would greatly be boosted through combined effort of both the art and the business sector. Strength in the institutions that further one's love for the country and culture is evidently seen and publicized as two forerunners the country first and only  art medium that is proudly Filipino, and one of the first and oldest yacht membership is Asia, both hand-in hand coordinate to inspire young, creative artist in finding versatility in what is unique and beautiful in the Philippines.

KALAHI: iba't ibang lipi, iisang lahi !. this is role of the arts: to transcend barriers and integrate cultures

Last year the theme of the contest was Yamang Sining Yamang Dagat and their PaperClay art was displayed in Resort world Manila and winner last year competition is John Rhel David.

credit to owner of the photo from Yamang Sining Yamang Dagat 

the winner for last year competition title of his paperclay art "Ang Tunay na Yaman sa Dulo ng Bahaghari " who knows you are the next winner for the PaperclayArt  Competition 2016 so join and register now

Ms. Sue Morales the founder & COO of JNBM paperclay  dicussed  what are mechanics about the contest she  answered also our inquiries about the competition , she gave us also the idea about their product. 

lakas maka bata with this young people some of them are fine art who attend the Blogger's day at Manila Yacht Club

despite of heavy rain,,, ika nga the event must go on almost zero visibility in my background the Manila Bay .

please support our local materials and our culture!!! 

you can visit JNBM Paper Clay Art in there branches and visit there fb page :

I am grateful to be part of this campaign

special thanks to

Ms. Sue Morales founder & COO of JNBM paperclay
JNBM team
Myh-of buhaymommy for including my name in blogger's day event 
Manila Yacht Club

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Batang aktibo at Malakas by Nutri10 plus

I was given a chance to try the Nutri10plusSyrup , its rainy season and even the weather is unpredictable so our kids need to avoid getting sick.  i was happy when the Wertz Phil. send bottles Nutri10plus when the delivery man gave it to me , i can hide the smile in my face.

as a mom of a toddler who is super active i believe the important of the Vitamins , my son is very picky eater he don't want to eat vegetable. although a lot of food he want to eat but still nutrient is not enough, before the nutri10plusSyrup delivered we are currently using other brand of Vitamins and I'm still want to try other brand to see the different.

My Son has been taking Nutri10plusSyrup for almost weeks he enjoyed the flavored of  Ponkan 2.5 ml everyday. after i gave him a 2.5ml dose still hold the spoon and sipping the spoon like a lollipop proof that he love the taste.

Nutri10plusSyrup with Chorella factor, Taurine, Lysine, Vitamins D, E, B, C and Zinc which every kids really need .

Photo below showed how active my son.

When Nutri10plusSyrup send us  that time my son has a flu , after taking the Vitamins for 3 days he get better , I'm not saying Nutri10plusSyrup is the reason because its not a medication as prescribed , but it help to get him better with drinking plenty of water,  proper food in his diet, rest and vitamins. 

What i can say about Nutri10plusSyrup ?

On taste he really like the taste of  Ponkan Flavor

On the Price it is affordable one  bottle of 120ml only cost around php160.00

On the Nutrient  lessen my worried of everyday  because of Nutri10plusSyrup I give to him .


Wertz Philippines

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

PODEE hands-free baby bottle launching at Dusit Thani Hotel

Good News for us busy Working Mom or even Stay at Home mom with kids that still using bottle feeding, The Podee® hand-free  Baby Bottle launch their product at Dusit Hotel Manila last Saturday. most of us never seen before this kind of amazing devices in this Podee® hand-free  Baby Bottle. 

a lot of  prizes  during the launching given to the attendees and I am lucky to be one of winners. Ballet dancer  from Halili Cruz graced also the said event.

Halili Cruz Ballet Dancer
i won 2  sessions of  dance class from M studio 

The Podee® Baby Bottle is a welcome solution to today's busy, on-the-go parents. when it comes to feeding our baby, there is no better hands-free option.

The Podee® Baby Bottle is a complete system that includes an 8-ounce  BPA-free baby bottle and all the necessary parts. It ends dropped bottle and allows for upright feeding to help reduce ear infections and colic. Parents have found It to be reliable in feeding infants with challenges as well. Parents love to use the The Podee Baby Bottle  in strollers, car seats and bouncies; or whenever they need an extra hand.

the unique, adaptive  flow system allows the baby to manage the pacing and amount of  flow with ease, making feeding time with the Podee bottle, alaways pleasure.

Even Oprah had immediate success with the Podee bottle when she help mother of 4months old quadruplets during feeding time in her show.

The Podee® Baby Bottle are BPA-Free and Lead-Free

Why switch to Podee?

Help prevent colic and gas build up
Help prevent ear infections
Help prevent reflux
Feeds hands-free and upright
Great feeding system for traveling
Great item for feeding twins and multiple babies

Dr.  Yumol Q & A portion

Maria Christina Siladan discuss about the Podee  Bottle

Ms. Grace of TAG Media 

Benefits for Parents

Whether working or stay at home , parents can't alaways monitor if their baby is drinking the right amount of milk 
With Podee, drinking milk has been easier for the baby, giving  parents peace of mind that the baby getting  the milk that he need without them always checking on him.

The Hands-free technology of Podee® makes drinking milk convenient for both baby and parents. If parents have a very active toddler or their child has a special condition, they're assured that the baby can drink milk whatever he is doing or whatever his situation is

Features of Podee®
Uses materials that are BPA and lead free
Passed US standard of quality nipples uses cross-cut technology that "shut off"automatically when not sucked
Environmental friendly  - uses non carbonate materials
Tube connecting bottle and nipple is 11.5 inches which passes the safety measurement to avoid strangulation.

during infant days of my son it difficult for him to handle the bottle because of weight aside from that he has acid reflux and ear infection. so sharing the idea of this bottle with my officemates   who have infants and kids that are using feeding bottle is great . Im happy that they are also amazed with this bottle and looking forward to use it with their kids like me.

@the office feeling ambassador of  Podee
Get a Chance to be the Podee® Ambassador and Win Cash Prize
                                                                Promo Mechanics

1. Buy and Try Podee® bottle
2. Take a photo of your baby using Podee® bottle
3. upload your best photo to Facebook
4. Use Hashtag #Podeebabypic #Podeehand-freeBabyBottle #Mindset #Tagmedia 
               sending of entries starts August 6 until August 31, 2016

Special thanks to

Podee® hand-free  Baby Bottle
Pinoy Blogger

Monday, August 1, 2016

The crafters market place

The more often we see the things around us - even the beautiful and wonderful things - the more they become invisible to us. That is why we often take for granted the beauty of this world: the flowers, the trees, the birds, the clouds - even those we love. Because we see things so often, we see them less and less. Joseph B. Wirthlin

OMG hindi ako excited !!! the workshop was 2;30pm kumusta nman mga ka Mars I arrived at the venue 12:30pm , some attendee are doing their workshop. yun pala morning session yun afternoon session pala aatenan ko. Ms. Alma of The CraftersMarkerPlace told me mam mamaya kapa pasyal ka muna sa  Mall  para surprise.I have never been to any kind of workshop like this. i was surprised to see the design on the wall according to me Ms Alma , Ian De Jesus our facilitator did it ,,, this is my first time to attend this kind of workshop. during my younger years i love drawing, designing girly dress using my crayola but I am not very good with drawing and even my hand writting was so panget . , i love art , but unfortunately  art is not for me . hahhaha .

Facilitator in this workshop Mr. Ian De Jesus, he taught us about the Color Wheel, He explained about the color wheel. he explained to us also the higher pigment more expensive pero mas maganda ang kalalabasan ng art work mo,  after that we practice making different line and curves, he taught us on stroke on coloring, i like the layering and the blending colors yung feeling ko Pro watercolor artist ako. after the all the explanation and familiarization we get to start workshop. we color the owl , make a trees with flying birds in the field. when Ian told us to do some trees, ayun na po! na stress ang papel sa kakadotdot ko , Ian told me to stop muna to relax the art paper and get it dry ganerrnnn , na sstress din ang papel parang tao pumapanget ang look pag naastress thats the art.

this is my first time to attempt to do watercolor, I had a nice learning experience  how to do leaves , flowers and coloring the owl with the watercolor but still i need a lot of practice.

When i finished all the task given to us , even like what i said i need more practice I ended up proud of my art work, i can do watercolor art now. we took a group shot with Mr. Ian De Jesus. The workshop was held at the CrafterMarketplace are just beside the Rustan's Supermarket, Shangrila Mall.  I recommend CrafterMarketplace workshop to the kids 7yrs. old up and of course adults like me its not early or late to learn new craft. 

thanks you Sir Ian and Ms. Alma for a interesting  and new learning experience you shared with us :}

The Crafter Marketplace 
located at Rustans Grocery, LowerGround
Shangrila Mall, Edsa