Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Batang aktibo at Malakas by Nutri10 plus

I was given a chance to try the Nutri10plusSyrup , its rainy season and even the weather is unpredictable so our kids need to avoid getting sick.  i was happy when the Wertz Phil. send bottles Nutri10plus when the delivery man gave it to me , i can hide the smile in my face.

as a mom of a toddler who is super active i believe the important of the Vitamins , my son is very picky eater he don't want to eat vegetable. although a lot of food he want to eat but still nutrient is not enough, before the nutri10plusSyrup delivered we are currently using other brand of Vitamins and I'm still want to try other brand to see the different.

My Son has been taking Nutri10plusSyrup for almost weeks he enjoyed the flavored of  Ponkan 2.5 ml everyday. after i gave him a 2.5ml dose still hold the spoon and sipping the spoon like a lollipop proof that he love the taste.

Nutri10plusSyrup with Chorella factor, Taurine, Lysine, Vitamins D, E, B, C and Zinc which every kids really need .

Photo below showed how active my son.

When Nutri10plusSyrup send us  that time my son has a flu , after taking the Vitamins for 3 days he get better , I'm not saying Nutri10plusSyrup is the reason because its not a medication as prescribed , but it help to get him better with drinking plenty of water,  proper food in his diet, rest and vitamins. 

What i can say about Nutri10plusSyrup ?

On taste he really like the taste of  Ponkan Flavor

On the Price it is affordable one  bottle of 120ml only cost around php160.00

On the Nutrient  lessen my worried of everyday  because of Nutri10plusSyrup I give to him .


Wertz Philippines

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