Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Emerald Garden old and traditional Chinese Cuisine

I took advantage that we stay in Bayview Hotel which is very close the Emerald Garden, I am craving for Chinese Cuisine, aside from that i miss their Bola Bola Siopao, few years back in the office old women bringing and selling Bola Bola and Asado Siopao  from Emerald, right now i haven't seen this old woman.

ceramics and old utensils 

Menu written in English and Chinese
 my husband love to eat Chinese foods most of the time and he want to exage  the order to satisfy.

Camaron Rebosado

Emerald Yang Chow

My fave Bola bola

Fish fillet  with Tausi

beef with broccoli

Emerald Noodle 

satisfy my craving for chinese food

look at my son can't stop eating Camaron Rebosado

the family that love to eat together

they use to have this big dinning area, it is typical old Chinese resto with round table around 10-16 seaters, as many say need for renovation its not impressive at  all, but for me maybe that's the reason why they still alive for so many decades, even the building is really old , but what matter is the taste of the food. we dine at Emerald late lunch but to early for dinner, so less hassle,  were not on rush. we enjoyed the foods.

my two boys in front of Emerald Garden

hanggang sa muling baliktanaw sa nakaraan ng dewey boulevard

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