Monday, September 26, 2016

ASCENTO PARFUM "a fragrance choice for day or night"


I attended  the Blogex Event last Saturday at SMX Aura Taguig , but before that, my first event was at SMX Mall of Asia and it was raining but the weather is still humid. you know the feeling of something irritate?

though i don't smell bad, but to be more confident because this is the first time to attend Bloggers Convention, i want to feel fresh and comfortable, When  i saw the booth of the ASCENTO PARFUM i spray with scent of Ascento X for women, emmmh interesting scent. that make you feel great. i should have this perfume to feel good as needed. 

vials  tester of  ascento X

i was lucky enough to talked with Ms. Jeana she is the owner of  Ascento Cavite Branch about this business she said the her business started October 2015 the company is almost 2 yrs. she gave me ideas about their product and how it runs in the Market. 

ASCENTO   Parfum have recognizable similarities to other
 leading brands and are far less expensive.

ASCENTO   Parfum is a French-inspired perfume
that will give you lasting fragrance.

ASCENTO   Parfum is the first product
released by  ASCENTO CORP.

ASCENTO 50ml – 22% Oil concentrate

 3 types of parfum

#1. Eau de Cologne: Water-based perfume that last up to 1hour
#2. Eau de Toilette: Alcohol-based perfume that last up to 6hours
#3. Eau de Parfum: Oil–based perfume that last up to 24hours


only minimal amount you needed to start the business. which covered a lot of benefits. this is great opportunity to earn, and even for those who working you can do it as  Part-time and earn more income.

Benefits of Distributor:
    1.  Products
    2. D.S.A.P. 70%
    3. 40% Discount Lifetime
    4. Accident Death Benefits
    worth P50,000.00
    5. Weekly Commissions. BDO/BPI
    6. Online Business Account 24/7
    7. Trainings and Seminars
    8.  L.P. – 25 Bottles + 2 Tester Set
          P.P. – 8 Bottles    
    9. Business

with Ms. Jeana the Owner

for those are interest about the business you may contact Ms. Jeana i admire this girl and her power to venture in a lot of business.

Miss Jaena S. Jimenez is the Cavite Mega Center.
- Founder of Ascento Cavite  Branch
- Board Member
- Ambassador of Ascento Parfum
Address: Lot 14 Blk 1 Phase 1 Manchester Lancaster City.
(0925) 8889020 ; (0995)457 1746

Mega Center: Jaena S. Jimenez (0925)8889020: (0995) 457 1746
Direct your order yo her and you get many privilege and discounted.

She is the Owner of Cavite Branch.

#Ascento Parfum

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