Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Tupperware Personal and Skin Care, Baby and Kid Care Plus.

Over the years Tupperware Brands has won prestigious worldwide design awards and recognitions in terms of their products. during my childhood days pag Tupperware Brands ang baunan mo Yamanin. until now they still have that reputation. when you say Tupperware it really good quality.

Tupperware Brands continues to set product innovation in order to constantly bring product to consumers, to their everyday lives. and  i was surprised now a days that they are in Personal and Skin Care, Cosmetics,  Baby and Kid Care Plus.

i was so lucky to received and to review their products .

tupperware products
my Son feeling Quality Control

when i received the product i took picture and posted it on facebook, this are the comments in my facebook and my son on account. so I am excited to try  it for my son and for my self because of the good feedback.

my son has delicate skin during his infant days until now , we don't used product that are not prescribed or recommend by his Pedia. so I'm excited when i got  the mail from Tupperware Brands i guess it is more affordable than the one we are currently using,  i smell the scent of  Baby Care  plus product and it was fresh and calm.  little hesitant to try it for my  unico hijo because its not prescribed by his pedia, but still I'm open to idea so i decided to try first Baby Care Plus.

the Baby Shampoo and Baby Bath light smell scent but it long lasting , when we open the Baby Powder he put it all over  he' s body keeping him fresh all day, and the Baby Lotion keep he's skin smooth  and gentle, after a few days i wait for the reaction in skin of my son but everything is good it is perfect for my son delicate skin. we try to used also the KIDS Plus we both like the the effect of KIDS Plus and Baby Care Plus.

tara lets, lets use it

they also  sent me products MOM Plus, i used Stretch Mark Cream not only on my tummy but also on my legs for the elasticity of my skin to lessen the cellulite as i getting older i noticed more cellulite on my skin ,  i enjoyed  using Ultra Moisturizing Bar keep my skin smooth after bath.
Soothing Relief Balm, which i love, as  my friend on the fb comment Soothing Relief Balm can be used on headache, during the time i suffered migraine i try to used it, it really works this Soothing Relief Balm gave me a lot of benefits.

Soothing Relief Balm my life saver

for those moms like me i highly recommend this product from Tupperware Brands base on my personal experience. 

Baby Care Plus
Baby Bath-forms a natural barrier around skin that protects while cleaning for softer and smoother skin
Baby Shampoo-moisturizes baby hair and scalp preventing dryness, leaving hair soft, silky and freshly fragrant
Baby Lotion-lock in moisture and leaves baby skin feeling velvety smooth & soft all day
Baby Cologne- moisturizers to help preventing dryness, leaving baby skin  soft,  smooth  and freshly fragrant
Baby Powder-works as anti irritant to soothe baby skin while  keeping it fresh and dry

Kids Powder- prevent irritation and Inflammation while soothing kids skin keeping it fresh and dry
Kids Cologne-moisturizers to help prevent dryness & keep kids smelling fresh up to 3 hrs.
Kids  Shampoo-deposits a film-like protective layer over hair while moisturizing kids hair scalp
Kids Lotion-locks in moisture & protect kids skin form pollution leaving skin  soft smooth
Kids Bath- gently removes dirt & cleans kids skin & hair while keeping it soft, smooth & moisturized

thanks you so much,

Ms. Denice Joyce Diaz
Digital Mktg. and PR Manager  Tupperware Brand Phils.
and of course to Tupperware Brand

until til next product review

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