Tuesday, November 22, 2016

ALASKA Ultimate Mission Camp: Accomplish your own Disney Mission as Marvel Superheroes and Frozen Princesses

Following the successful lunch of the partnership between Alaska Milk And Disney last April.

Last Sunday November 20 2016,  ALASKA Ultimate Mission Camp was held at SMX 4 Mall of Asia. kids 4-10 yrs old are invited to join a one day activity where they get to accomplish their own Disney Mission as Marvel Missions.

Here, kids can be just as brave and creative as their favorite heroes from  Disney's Marvel and  Frozen Universe. the whole day, will come with mission that will not only engage the children's interest, but more important will come educational activities that foster camaraderie among other kid participants. 

Each mission zone comes with fun and exciting, at the same time kid-friendly, challenges that will test heir speed, creativity, strength and agility. while they're getting creative with their approach for each challenge, the kids are also boosting heir self esteem on the things that they can accomplish on their own.

my son mady  my my co-mommy blogger son enzo

Meanwhile, parents and guardians, can also get a dose of the fun with the array of activities especially designed for them. There are stage performances for their enjoyment., as well as cooking demonstrations, much to the delight of parent thinking of more ways to spice up family meals and kids baon

Krem-top matcha

cooking demo

This makes the ALASKA Ultimate Mission Camp truly the ultimate event for the whole family, filled with enjoyment and learning. It is Alaska's way of bringing a new level of excitement to Alaska Ready-To-Drink (RTD) Milk drinkers.

The country's popular mommy bloggersph will partake in uncovering  their very own Disney missions together with the kids. Frances Sales of Horizon will be joined by her son Vito,  Misty Mom's  Shari Macanig with her online darling Selene, The Peach Kitchen's Peach Adarne and daughter Purple Sky and Momma 'n Manila's Michelle Aventajado with her daughter Gelli. their experiences will be doumented live by no less than their kids themselves through  their moms social media accounts - taking the mom-and-kid bonding moment to an all new level.

with Michelle Aventajado of Momma 'n Manila

Alaska Milk Corporation and Disney Partnership
Alaska Milk Corporation mission to nourish and develop kid's mind and body by encouraging healthy milk drink habits, is made more fun by the partnership with Disney and its power to create happy and magical moments for the kids and families.

The partnership started in April 2016 with the launch of the "Who will you be today? campaign. it introduced Alaska Ready to Drink milk for the kids in Disney Frozen Marvel Superheroes packaging designs for  Alaska Choco  Alaska Sweet Milk  Alaska Yoghurt Drinks

 Alaska has always been an advocate of healthy child development, as seen in its strong efforts to promote and ensure that every child gets proper nutrition. It makes sure that every pack of  Alaska such Choco and Sweet Milk contains essential vitamins and nutrients that support kids active lifestyle. While Yoghurt Drink promotes proper digestion as it contains naturally fermented good bacteria.

Now, these  Alaska Ready to Drink Milk  for the kids in  Disney and Marvel is available in all leading grocery stores and supermarkets Nationwide. Alaska Ready to Drink Milk has 4 flavors  :Alaska Choco  Alaska Sweet Milk  Alaska Yoghurt Drinks 

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ALASKA Ultimate Mission Camp and Ms. Christine Joyce Placino of FUSE we had great, fun and active Sunday afternoon


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