Monday, September 18, 2017


When you are in DAVAO make it a point to visit Samal Island and  take a side trip to this lovely Island,  from the Airport  it is just kilometers away to Sasa Wharf, it just around 15 minutes sea ride from Sasa wharf  and you will reach Samal. we didn't have an itinerary and we  just have only one day to stay and  visit Samal so we wouldn't be wasting any time.

The modes of transportation on the island are tricycles or trikes for those backpackers and budget travelers like us, Habal-habal is the most convenient.  We hired a Habal-habal to take us around the island as we look for a place to stay first we go to Costa Marina but i was fully booked so Kuya suggest us the Fernandez Resort but before going to Resort, we explore around the island with this habal habal kuya charges us for minimal fee.

As soon as we arrive at Fernandez Resort i considered one of the most affordable resort in Samal that you can spend for the backpacker like us. actually so much space to play around,,, playground for my son, cafeteria,,, lots of cottages  and swimming pool if you don't like to swim at beach,, because beach wasn't that nice and its low tide during our stay. for us that's fine because we did not intend to stay for long we just want to experience Samal we will go back to City on the next day.

Outside our resort there is a terminal of motorcycles so there's no problem getting around exploration Samal Island offers a wide array of activities. also from our resort quite near to the bus terminal of Island City.

if you are in Samal Island don’t forget to drop by at Ryan Special Native Bibingka, Ryan’s Bibingka is made from rice, fresh coconut meat, and coconut milk. All of the ingredients are natural. so delicious bibingka !!!one of their stall is just across the bus terminal of Island City Bus.

we tried V Farmers restaurant outside the resort walking distance or you can ride tricycle if you want. quality food and huge serving for affordable price.

There are so many places to go to in Samal,  we were not able to experience all due to lack time. We just stuck on one  area at Peñaplata . may be next time !!!

thank for dropping !!!

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