Monday, April 30, 2018


My husband and i decided that our son send to school at the age of  3 , just for the socialization and expose him with other kids. kasi wala sya kasama kids kami lang 3 sa bahay. the reason why in Daycare ?, Im scared that he will get bored in school and my son was hyper baka di nya matapos ang school year sayang naman at saka bata pa rin naman sya. at 3 years old we don’t want to force my son  to go in big school. so we decide to enroll him in Daycare in our Barangay. good thing that Daycare Center is just few away from our house so we don't have problem in commuting kasi walking distance , the only problem  for us that since wala kaming yaya so daddy and everyday nagbabantay sa kanya sa School then night shift si daddy sa work, while me naman I am working on day shift. that's the very hardest part specially kay daddy. pero bilang isang magulang sacrifice talaga para sa anak.

At the first day  of thier class at Daycare they are 50 plus students could you imagine ang dami halos wala maupuan mga bata, pero sabi  nga matira matibay. libre so bawal ang magreklamo hehehe. although we have some contributions.

In Daycare  they taught simple academics like tracing letter , coloring , sing and dance but lots of play time. after he's class pag dating nya sa office ko he's so excited to show me he's stars, as a parents we are not expecting our child to excel in academics ang target namin ni daddy ay yung socialation, para maging prepare sya para sa big school in the future, kasi sa dami nila talagang di yan matutukan lahat ng teacher at isang assistant. Parents and Guardians should be there to assist their kid the teacher won’t be able to attend all her students needs kahit pa may assistant sya. sa age ng mga bata na 3-4 years old mamaya may umiiyak , may ayaw mag paiwan , may nag aaway at may ikot ng ikot , kagulo ...

as we expirience kahit  sabihin more on play lang ang daycare at socialation, may mga exams din, iwan ko ba every  quarter of  exam ng anak ko til the last quarter before the day of quizzes in all their subject, I was so anxious we have to review him every night on each subject they will take on the next day pero mas anxious and daddy nya na lagi nya kasama sa school. 

Compare to Private Schools syempre Daycare will cost a lot cheaper but syempre may advantage at disadvantages, dapat ready ka your child will encounter different kind of kids.  at different kind of parents at guardian din lalo na sa mga meeting at mga sa expenses sa school kasi Subsidised ng Barangay so medyo issue yun pag may mga singil singil. libre ang mga books, ang Facilities ng Center, Aircondition, may Restroom saka may maliit sila kitchen para sa feeding ng mga kids. well maintained naman.

Aside from daily activities like Tracing letters and shapes, Coloring and Assignments, School Feeding P.E every friday,  they also celebrated their Christmas Party may Field trip din sila. they had a lot of activities and events  in school.

For 10months in Daycare may natutunuan naman ang anak ko nag improve din yung socialation nya although yong attention need to improve pa on being behave and focus.

last April 4 he graduated he finished his Nursery 1 , its just simple ceremony lang Im grateful and happy with our decision i enrolled DYNE at Barangay Day Care

Congratulations anak You made it Good job ☺

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