Tuesday, September 24, 2019


YOLO’ – you have certainly heard it several times or even came across this acronym as a hashtag on a friend’s post in the social media. A tickle in your curiosity, have you ever asked yourself what YOLO really means? YOLO is the acronym of ‘You Only Live Once’ which was popularized by a renowned rapper in one of his songs. But there is certainly a more profound meaning in ‘YOLO’.

Given the frailty and brevity of human life, anything can happen to you at any point in your life. Set your mind that every day is a miracle and that you only live once so why not make the most out of it? It is always a yes to do the things you most loved and savor each moment like it is the last. Regardless of your age, social status, condition, and circumstances, it is never too late to prepare yourself to live your life only once. To start, you can create your own Bucket List.

Have you ever watched the movie ‘The Bucket List’? Played by Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, it is about two strangers, one a billionaire and one a mechanic, who were brought with the news that they have reached the terminal stage of their life. Realizing that they have little time left to complete the things they have to do and to be reconciled to the ones they love, they decided to make a Bucket List – it is a list of things that they want to do before they die. They eventually set out into the world against their doctor’s medical advice and took on their adventure of a lifetime. This movie provides an accurate mental picture of how short the human life can be regardless of your social standing and how you can never be able to turn back the time to change the past.

Since the release of this movie, the term 'Bucket List' is now being generally used by people from all around the world to mean that you only live once so do everything you can possibly do given a limited amount of time. Many people have seriously considered YOLO as a way of living and they even created their own Bucket List. Some set out for the thrill of an adventure, some traveled to their dream destination, some would still start school at a later age, some would prefer doing things right the first time every time, some would always choose to do what they always wanted to regardless of the social stigma and taboos.

Isn't it fulfilling to create a Bucket List and see how each item on your list is progressively being achieved? Have you ever considered creating your own Bucket List because ‘YOLO’? Join us in the Bucket List Summit, a platform that brings together leaders, speakers, thinkers, and experts who can help you be prepared emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially towards a life well-lived. The summit will be held on October 19-20, 2019 at the SMX Aura where renowned speakers will talk about the value and appreciation of life, financial wellness, spiritual enlightenment, physical challe nges and its related solutions, psychological interventions, death and life, and more. Everybody deserves a quality life. Participate in this event now and know more about how you can live your life only once but to the fullest.

You see countless posts bearing the ‘hashtag bucket list’ every time one of your friends in social media achieve a goal or experience a significant event in their life. You may think it is just a bandwagon.
But creating a bucket list is more than just hype.
It is a powerful reminder that your life has a meaning and a purpose. A defined bucket list could bring you a sense of direction in your life where you don’t anymore have to wander off the path you are supposed to be in. By having a clear mental picture of your goals and what you really want to experience in life, this can motivate you to live life with a sense of purpose where you know why and what you are doing things for. It will no longer be a monotonous regime or even a confusing track. Everyday could be a thrilling adventure as you explore each day towards a ‘purpose-driven life’.
Participate in the Bucket List Summit on October 19-20 at SMX Aura and take advantage of this event to take home wisdom nuggets from renowned motivational speakers from around the world. Sign up now and get ready to be transformed and to be motivated towards a purpose-driven life. Register online at moozencore.com/bucket-list-summit-registration-form. You may also contact us thru 0917 518 9572 / 0933 271 9759 / (02) 533 0193 or email

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