Tuesday, September 24, 2019


You see countless posts bearing the ‘hashtag bucket list’ every time one of your friends in social media achieve a goal or experience a significant event in their life. You may think it is just a bandwagon.
But creating a bucket list is more than just hype.
It is a powerful reminder that your life has a meaning and a purpose. A defined bucket list could bring you a sense of direction in your life where you don’t anymore have to wander off the path you are supposed to be in. By having a clear mental picture of your goals and what you really want to experience in life, this can motivate you to live life with a sense of purpose where you know why and what you are doing things for. It will no longer be a monotonous regime or even a confusing track. Everyday could be a thrilling adventure as you explore each day towards a ‘purpose-driven life’.
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