Saturday, March 6, 2021

Bring Out the Strongest Version of You with Pantene

On days when life gets in the way, it’s easy to lose track of yourself. Even when it’s frustrating, choosing the easy way out of situations can feel like the best decision when you’re stuck with no options.

But even if life throws you a curveball, you’re still able to get back on track — stronger than before.

And if you can put your best foot forward again to face the new normal in 2021, your hair definitely can too!

Pantene’s newest digital video empowers women to toughen up by starting stronger, and get that extra boost of confidence by taking care of themselves. It features a familiar scenario women can definitely relate to — those times when you feel like you’re losing yourself to a point that even your hair looks like it gave up. Split ends start to pop out and damage is apparent, and you’re so tempted to take a literal short cut by chopping off your locks.

Now cutting hair short isn’t the only solution to hair damage, you can look forward to stronger days ahead with the new Pantene Long Hair Solutions Total Damage Care Shampoo. It has Pro V with Japanese Rice Oil Essence, especially created for long hair needs to protect your hair from having split ends and prevent hair damage even before it happens. Rice Oil Essence has 50x Anti Damage Benefit, so you can say goodbye to hair damage and split ends even before it happens.

Pantene’s latest video brings the message of empowerment reaching and encouraging numerous Filipinas to keep growing their hair out, here are some tid bits from Filipinas who are now committed to stop with the short cuts and grow their hair long in 2021.

Lately, Marian has been neglecting her hair condition. Although long overdue, she finally got her reality haircare check through Pantene’s newest TVC. “Pantene showed me that I can still give my hair the love that it needs with their new Pantene Long Hair Solutions. This has empowered me to be brave to grow my hair longer, break my monthly routine of cutting it down.”

Soph also had a fair share of hair problems in the past but she’s not stopping and settling for less now that she found the best haircare product. “The new Pantene TVC encouraged me to never be afraid of starting over, and to start stronger. Same goes for my hair care routine — with Pantene I know my hair is taken care of in the long term. No more quick fixes this 2021!”

Czari has always loved how her hair looked like when it was shiny and long. “But honestly, it’s difficult to maintain long hair with all the damage and split ends. I get so demotivated every time I see my hair with damage and split ends. But after watching this video, I am now motivated to keep my hair long and damage-free all day with Pantene Long Hair Solution Total Damage Care Shampoo!

It’s never too late to reach your dream of having long, luscious locks. Use Pantene Long Hair Solutions Total Damage Care Shampoo and follow it up with Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Total Damage Care Conditioner to repair 3 months’ worth of damage in just 3 minutes of damage deep within the core. Strengthen your hair from inside and out with Pantene for longer, smoother hair without damage!

Don’t let your insecurities stop you from growing your hair out when Pantene can maintain your long mane for you.